Crystals are an important element of our planet, they are a beautiful gift given to us by mother nature.  We are all born with a sense within us to feel the frequencies of these Crystals, Just the way we are born to Feel the breeze of the wind/air, feel the waves of the ocean, the smell and touch of trees, feel the coolness of the earth when walking barefoot on it. All these senses are embedded within us. The only difference is that the Crystals are not that easily accessible, they come to you as you open your heart, mind and soul to accept higher frequencies to elevate yourself to a higher being.

Amazing HImalayan Quartz
Quartz, Lemurian, Nirvana, Himalayan High Frequency

Why i needed crystals: 

I had a very different lifestyle before crystals came into my life, i was so caught with the daily routines of life with the usual 9-5 job, having the computers and lights suck my energy out of me. I was very unbalanced and didn't even know it, because i use to reward myself with other artificial objects. As i had my spiritual awakening and started to download information about crystals, i started adding crystals in my room, office and even carrying some in my pocket. From that moment on, i started to feel a shift in my energy and i went on this transition phase in my life where the energy guided me to the path i am suppose to be in. A peaceful and content path. A path with purpose, clarity and love.  Although i want to make clear that this energy shift that the crystals brought to my life were not just by me being around them, it was by connecting to their frequency, spending time with them, meditating with them and it was a wonderful experience.




Crystals Metaphysically:

Crystals are efficient absorbers and transmitters of energy, one of their functions is to cleanse and transmute negative energies. In this modern day, being surrounded by crystals is the best way to be connected with natural energy and leverage off their high vibrations.

As we go on in our lives with our daily routines, we are surrounded by man made objects. Starting from commuting to work, in a car, bus or train. Then being in front of a computer all day at work. There is nothing natural around us all day. These man made objects do nothing but take your positive energy away from you, That being One of the main  reasons you come home really tired and drained. Being around natural crystals, Connecting to their frequencies and surrounding yourself  by that positive energy at all times can balance you out. keeping Crystals in your homes is very beneficial for good health, wealth and prosperity.


Crystals in the Ancient world:

Kings in ancient India were advised to collect and surround themselves with the very best gemstones to protect them from harm. Sanskrit dating back to 400 B.C. has been found that makes elaborate observations about the origins and powers of stones.

 Early Greek and Roman writings indicate that crystals and stones were worn as talismans and amulets for not only health and protection, but to attract virtues.

Many North American tribes have been using crystals as healing and spiritual tools for thousands of years.

The reference to crystals and their magical properties can be traced back through European literature of the Early Middle Ages to their sources in Roman, Arabic, Greek and the Ayurvedic traditions of India.



- How are they formed in the earth – Crystals were created as the earth formed. The are planet earth's DNA, Natural imprint of the planets journey in forming, they kinda like records of physical development of the planet.

New mineral crystals are always forming  at the surface and deep within the Earth. Crystals can even grow from vapors rich in mineral components. This happens most commonly in volcanic areas where hot gases encounter cool surroundings and deposit crystals.

Most mineral crystals grow from molten rock deep within the Earth. As a magma cools, many crystals form simultaneously and crowd into one another, producing Regular and irregular shapes. Crystals can begin to form on rock walls, on other crystals, or even on particles of dust. They can grow quickly or slowly or even stop depending on changes in temperature and the concentration of the solution.



Healing Crystals

Healing crystal meanings are meant as spiritual support to healing and are not healthcare advice or prescriptions. Use the crystal meanings  to help find your own inner  truth; what is best and right for one is not necessary so for another.


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